My Son Just Came Home Early from His Mission, and I’ve Never Loved Him More

Monday morning, I got a phone call every parent of a new missionary dreads. The kind that gives you a pit in your stomach the moment you answer, only to hear a choked up voice on the other end of the line say “Mom?”

My sweet son, the one who’s been in the MTC for 3.5 weeks, was notably choked up. It took him a moment to start talking. He told me that he needed to come home. Assuming he was struggling emotionally, and was just wanting to come home, I said “No, you’re ok! You don’t need to come home.” He stopped me, and said “No, Mom, I need to come home.” Continue reading

Celebrating Life at 50: Conquering Fears at Skydive Zion!

When my dear friend Pam told me she had just gone skydiving for her 50th birthday, I told her she was nuts. There was NO way I would ever consider such a thing. My lifelong fear of heights had forever convinced me that me going skydiving could ONLY be accomplished if someone put me in a straitjacket and threw me out of the airplane. But . . . the seed was planted, and it proved to be a determined little seed. Continue reading

Why you should NEVER search Google to look for new hairstyle ideas

I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow, and all day I’ve been having this wild hair (insert kah-boom cymbal sound here), thinking about doing something different for a change. The problem is, whenever I try to break out a new style, I … Continue reading

How to hide an ugly yard with a burlap curtain screen wall

My son Alex is getting married in a couple of weeks to an incredibly lovely girl, and they’ve asked to have the reception in our backyard. Problem is … our backyard isn’t as lovely as the young woman Alex is marrying. Here’s how we transformed the barren wasteland into a reception-ready backdrop by creating a burlap screen/wall to block the unsightly part of the yard. Continue reading

I’m blaming everything on Joanna Gaines. And her goats.

I have an issue. Well, many. But let’s just focus on one for today.

When I decide to do something, I go at it rather, um, fanatically. I will fully admit that I have a heck of a time making a decision. But once a decision is made, I go at it like a maniac.

Let’s take my current redecorating project, for example. Heck, not even for example, let’s just talk about it exclusively.

It all started back when my daughter Chelsea came home to visit for a week last Fall. That girl created a real problem, and she didn’t even know it. Darn girl started watching episode after episode of HGTV starting about 10 am on Saturday morning during her visit. Now I have always loved decorating, but as with everything else in my life, I’m either 100% on it at the moment, or 100% NOT. I don’t balance things well. And I have been on the “ignore” decorating channel for the past couple of years as my attention has been heavily tuned to my online business.

So I was pretty much blindsided by my instant addiction to all things HGTV. It only took one day of watching. But I’ll admit, it was a looooong day of watching. Chelsea managed to get up and walk away from the television by about 2:00. But I had just experience my first episode of Fixer Upper, and you would have thought I’d discovered a new religion. I may as well have been attached to the sofa with a ball and chain. Nothing could motivate me to walk away from the Fixer Upper marathon. Not even my husband asking why on earth I was still in my pajamas at 4:00 in the afternoon could get me to budge.

I was in love. With all things Fixer Upper. With the stars of the show, Joanna and Chip Gaines. I was even ready to get goats. (You’d have to see the show to understand.)

Darn goats.

Darn goats.

She manages to make goats and farming look FANTASTIC.

She manages to make goats and farming look FANTASTIC.

When the Fixer Upper marathon ended, next came 6 straight episodes of Flip it to Win it. How do these people do this stuff? The transformations were miraculous! My husband and I have always been very capable do-it-yourselfers (spell check did NOT like that word), but we look like toddlers with watercolor brushes and plastic hammers compared to these people.

After a single, fabulously-wasted Saturday on the couch (I seriously can not remember a single time I’ve done that), I was inspired. Joanna Gaines had managed to turn my complete aversion to “gray paint” into a passion. I was ready to make a transformation. Well, at least in my home decor. And it even included taking my gloriously-gold-glazed walls and repainting them in my previously most-dreaded color: gray. CRAZY stuff has been going on here.

So, within one short month after that fateful Saturday, and I had nearly completed a major facelift  . . . on my house.  We’re only talking about home transformations here. I managed to completely blow it on the first round of paint (bad choice of color for my house, yikes!), and had to re-do it. Let’s just say that it was NOT a good moment. But it’s fixed, thank heavens, and it’s fantastic!

6 months later, the home decor transformation is 90% done. It included the foyer, family room, kitchen, and master bedroom. I’ll share all the details in another post, or ten, but for now, I just wanted to say that I’m blaming it all on my daughter and HGTV. And Joanna Gaines. And the darned goats.

Blank Canvas

This is my third blog, and the first one that has absolutely NO theme. None. It’s a blank canvas.


Kind of like that. And it’s awesome. I can write whatever I want! Hence, the logical title of this blog is perfect. Tiffany says . . . whatever she feels like. Completely liberating.

I’m not totally sure what I have to say, or what I want to say. But that’s the beauty here. No rules, just right. Kind of like an Outback Steakhouse. (Isn’t that their motto or something??) Maybe it’s more like the TV show Seinfeld, where they fully admitted that the entire show was about nothing. Yet, somehow, it was fascinating.

I have absolutely no idea if anyone will ever read a single word of this blog. But that’s ok. I’m writing this blog for the fun of it. Because sometimes, I just want to say . . . . something.